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    So I kinda need to graduate

    This summer I’m working on finishing my Graduate Thesis and right now I’m at the final push. All my energy will be going into that for the time being. I will back to blogging in September, I know such a long time away.

    Wish me luck as I finish. Enjoy the weather and the rest of summer!

    — 2 years ago

    Happy 4th of July

    Hope everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day!

    — 2 years ago

    Love and Foolishness Atlanta: Episode Three Recap

    Image courtesy of Vh1

    So we pick up right where we left off last week with Joseline and Stevie J talking about her pregnancy. Side note: Joseline really needs a speech coach, I had to turn the closed captions on, and it’s only been two minutes into the episode. For the first time I bet Joseline is being honest with Stevie J, by telling him she going to leave him with no money after she’s through with him because he asked who’s the father of the baby.

    K. Michelle returns this episode talking with a producer about her upcoming showcase.

     Momma Dee also makes an appearance when Scrappy goes to his mother to talk about moving out of his and Erica’s home. Momma of course supports him as long as he doesn’t bring any woman around like Diamond. She really hates Diamond!

    More foolishness after the jump.

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    — 2 years ago

    Thesis Deadline

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I have a major thesis deadline this week and all my energy needs to be focused on that. I’ll post once more before the weekend. Then its back to the regularly scheduled program!

    Thank you for being so understanding.

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    Love and Foolishness Atlanta: Episode Two Recap

    Image courtesy of Vh1

    I don’t even know where to begin with this episode. It’s only the second one and the ratchetness level has already reached critical limits.

    This episode begins with Ariane and Mimi discussing Mimi’s fight with Stevie J over Joseline. In her talking head Ariane knows that Mimi isn’t gonna leave Stevie J but wants to be a good friend and support her during this time. She even suggests that Mimi should leave Stevie J and I agree since he’s running around Atlanta with his side chick on a national tv show. 

    Next we are introduced to the last cast member Rasheeda, she’s a “female underground hip hop entertainer.” I respect the fact that she went independent as an artist, I’m not going to listen to her music, but I respect the hustle. (So off topic but I really need to acknowledge this: why is Kirk’s Adam’s apple so prominent?) Kirk and Rasheeda discuss some stuff that has to do with her album, blah blah no one cares.

    Read more of the foolishness after the jump!

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    — 2 years ago

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    Sometimes You Stumble On Something

    This is my second summer being natural and I had yet to find a perfect summer routine. I have my winter regimen down but I am still experimenting with what will work now that it’s warmer. I figured out that I need to start deep conditioning (DC) twice weekly to keep it moisturized since I’m wearing it out almost everyday. However until this weekend I was still struggling to find the right oil to seal my hair. I normally use butters during the winter but they weigh my hair down to much during the summer. I’ve tried coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil with minimum success.

    However this weekend I need to go out with friends and needed to style my hair quickly. I decided to skip using an oil so that my hair could dry faster. What I ended up with was great results. My hair was still moisturized and wasn’t weighed down by the oil. I’m super excited I finally have a daily summer routine that works and gives me great hair.

    Have you stumbled on something that works for your hair?

    — 2 years ago

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    Trying Something New

    I’ve been using Castor oil as a part of my Deep Conditioning (DC) for over a year and in that time my hair has gotten significantly thicker. But this is the only way I use it Wanting to try something different, I decided to use Castor oil to seal my latest flat-twist out. I think I got pretty decent results.

    I used Carols Daughter’s Hair Milk, Curls Control Paste, and Castor oil to seal.

    The Control Paste was just applied to my roots to reduce frizz. I used a nickel size amount of Castor oil to the length of my hair.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone,  I know I will! :)

    — 2 years ago with 3 notes

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    Everything Ain’t For Everybody

    One of the first things you realize when starting your natural hair journey, is that the whole process is trial and error in hopes of finding your Holy Grail (HG) products and methods. The next thing you’ll realize is that no two natural/transitioning heads are alike so many of the things you read about on blogs and see on YouTube will in fact not work for your hair. Below is a list of things that I have tried all in the name of achieving beautiful hair.

    Making my own Products

    Food as Deep Conditioner
    I have tried an assortment of food as DC: bananas, mangoes, eggs, mayonnaise, etc. I would say that the lack of success on this one is my fault. I didn’t realize that the  food needs to be pureed to smooth consistency so it can be easily washed out of hair. Even though I was left with moisturized hair, I’m super lazy with my  hair products so the time to make and mix all the stuff together takes to much time for me. I really envy the mixtresess who make their own hair care products, I hope to buy your product line one day.

    Flax seed Gel
    I decided to make this after watching Naptural85’s video. I made it once and used it once to not so stellar results. Again I don’t think I have a natural talent for DIY.

    Shea Butter Mix
    Another failed attempt. I have watched YouTube video after YouTube video and my mixes don’t come out the same and they also didn’t work well. Again due to my lack of skills.

    But I accept that this isn’t my calling and I am more than willing to pay for wonderfully made products.

    This has to be my worst purchase yet. They cost over $80 including shipping and I used them a grand total of: once. They are not easy or convenient to sleep in and I don’t want to spend a whole day waiting for them to dry. So if anyone out there has an alternative way to use them I would really appreciate it.

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    Product Reviews and the Lie I always tell Myself

    WARNING: This post may trigger Product Junkie relapse

    Every time I walk into a large retailer I lie to myself. I say, “I’m just going to look in the hair aisle, I won’t by anything.” This time I lied to myself in Target. Here I am walking down the hair care aisle and what do I see at the end a sign for natural hair care. As I walk closer, I can’t believe what I’m seeing, I walk faster thinking my eyes have deceived me. But no they are not the Target in my podunk town is finally carrying Shea Moisture Hair Products and in that moment I know that the hair gods have smiled upon me. 

    I have wanted to try Shea Moisture hair products since I first heard of them last summer. The line has been available through Target online since last year. But the Target in my podunk town just got the hair care products recently and I was so excited to see them! (I’ve only been natural for 18 months but in the beginning of my journey not many stores carried hair care products for natural hair. Or the products they did carry contained: silicones, alcohols, parabens, mineral oil, etc. So I love that many stores are starting to carry more brands with better ingredients.) I decided to pick up Coconut Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk, Deep Treatment Masque(review coming later), and since I was indulging my Product Junkism (PJism) I also purchased Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste.

    I was expecting great things from the Style Milk and was left feeling indifferent. It left my hair moisturized and soft and It doesn’t have much hold but I don’t look for that much in my leave in stylers. This also smells lovely its more floral scented with a slight hint of coconut. The Style Milk has a good thick consistency and a dime size amount on medium twists I found works best. I just don’t think that it’s better than Purabody Naturals Murumuru Moisture Milk or Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk. So I would purchase it again, but I don’t think it’s going to be apart of my regular routine.

    Now the Curls Control Paste did surprise me and I couldn’t be happier. I’m a sucker for anything that can promise to make my hair shiny. When I saw this on the shelf  above Shea Moisture I was immediately intrigued and after quick glance at the ingredients this product found its way into my cart. The pictures below can show you how much shine this product added to my hair.


    The product has a very strong caramel smell in the jar but didn’t notice any smell once it was in my hair. This product is not a gel so it doesn’t have a strong hold but it does define curls and can tame frizz and fly away hairs. It has a thicker  consistency then gel it’s more like an old school pomade. This will definitely be helping me add shine to my Wash n’ Go’s this summer.

    Hope you’re out enjoying the weather!

    — 2 years ago

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    Love and Foolishness Atlanta: Episode One Recap

    Image courtesy of Vh1

    The season premiere of Love and Hip Hop:Atlanta started with long-term couple Stevie J and Mimi Faust driving to the suburbs of Atlanta. Stevie J is taking Mimi to new house he just bought for her and their daughter. However Mimi isn’t falling for all the smoke and mirrors. She knows that by having her out in the suburbs it will be easier for Stevie J to indulge his other “side projects” back in Atlanta. When called on his bs, he gets mad at Mimi. Stevie J have every right to be upset, it must really suck when your plans to juggle your mistress and long-term partner seems to not be working.

    We next transition to on and off couple Lil’ Scrappy and Erica Dixon and singer K. Michelle.  Erica and Lil’ Scrappy are trying to salvage their relationship once Lil’ Scrappy came back after leaving Erica for local Atlanta rapper Diamond. This story line doesn’t seem all that interesting and neither does K.Michelle’s. I really hope K.Michelle’s role on the show doesn’t go the way of Reece from the last season of Love and Hip Hop.

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    — 2 years ago

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